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Northgate Studio

Let the space transform your sound.

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A space that enhances your sound and inspires innovation. A space so large that the whole band can plug in and work comfortably. A space that plays an instrumental role in bringing your artistic vision to life. That space is Northgate Studio. Equipped with a world-class live room, isolation booth and control room that are acoustically treated and designed, you’ll discover that high-quality sound is quite literally built into our walls.

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High-quality space. High-quality sound. 
What are you waiting for?

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Simply put: If it has anything to do with audio, we’ve got you covered. At Northgate Studio, you can record, edit, and mix everything from music to sound to dialogue. Our expert engineers are familiar with the space and can help guide you through the process – or, of course, you can choose to bring your own. Here a few ideas to get you started … 

  • Record your band
  • Produce and edit your vocals
  • Mix and produce your 10-song album
  • Make an EP with your a cappella group
  • Rent the studio for a day (with or without an engineer)
  • Produce your voice-over demo
  • Have sound designed for your video game
  • Have music composed for your ad campaign or film
  • Record your original piano sonata on the beautiful Yamaha C7 Grand Piano (did we mention there's a Grand Piano?)


Northgate Studio is the private recording studio of Tim Bongiovanni. He knows what it’s like to be a small project studio with limited space and a lean, mean recording rig – after all, that's exactly how Northgate Studio started. Back then, it was called Northgate Productions. First in a basement in Lexington, MA, and then in a basement in Arlington, MA.  

Tim fell in love with recording in a small setting. Using all the necessary pieces – and none of the unnecessary ones – Tim helped some clients make their first records, and helped other clients hit the billboard charts. As business steadily grew, he seized an opportunity to buy an excellent recording facility in Bedford, MA, formerly the home of Sherwood Forest Recording.  

While the building itself is a more traditional-style recording studio, Tim has set it up so that project studio music producers will feel right at home. Bring any or all of your projects here – the studio is ready and waiting for you.

SoundBetter Profile

Tim has had the privilege of working with some amazing people. Here are some you may have heard of: 

Sons of Serendip - America's Got Talent Season 9 Finalists - (Producer, Vocal Producer, Mix Engineer)

Peter Hollens - Sony Music Recording Artist, Platinum Youtuber - (Editing, Vocal Percussion Sequencing and Mixing)

Daniel Jang - Violinist, Silver Youtuber - (Editing, Mixing)

Arden Cho - American Actress (Chicago Med, Teen Wolf), Singer, Model - (Recording, Editing, Mixing)

Straight, No Chaser - Atlantic Records Recording Artist - (Vocal Editing)

Kipsta Sportswear - (Vocal Performance, Vocal Production, and Vocal recording)

American Well - (Composer, Music Producer)

Russian Standard Vodka - (Sound Designer, Mix Engineer)

Thylacine Studios - Video Game Developer (Composer, Sound Designer, and Mix engineer)

Quark Games - Video Game Developer (Composer, Sound Designer, and Mix engineer)

Ed Boyer A Cappella - Multi Platinum Mix engineer and Record Producer (Recording and Editing)


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